Specialty Valuation Group (SVG) is  a full-service commercial real estate appraisal company. SVG proudly serves most property types throughout the Midwest, Southeastern, and Eastern US. Additionally, our service area is expanded nationally for certain special-use property types, such as automotive dealerships, funeral homes, cemeteries, hotels, and gas stations/convenience stores.

Experience the SVG difference. We are a truly independent, unbiased, third-party valuation firm. You will receive a single-point of contact for any property within the regions we serve, which translates to consistent reports and processes. Our clients love the one-on-one, personal attention they get when working with SVG, with A+ customer services, continual status updates, and constant client communication throughout the appraisal process.

Commercial Real Estate Appraisals

While our focus is on special-use commercial real estate, we appraise all commercial property types including land, office, retail, industrial, multifamily, and almost all property sub-types.

Real Estate Tax Appeals

Our firm has extensive experience throughout Ohio in assisting in tax appeals with appraisals at the Board of Revision (BOR) level and at the Ohio Board of Tax Appeal (BTA) level. All property types have been appraised, including retail, industrial, office, multifamily, land, etc. Specialty areas include big box properties, national pharmacies, corporate headquarters, specialty industrial properties, automotive dealerships, and apartments.

Estate Settlement Appraisals

We have extensive experience providing commercial and residential property appraisals for income tax and estate settlement purposes.

Gift Tax/Donation Appraisals

We have experience providing appraisals for gift tax tax/donation and charitable contribution purposes. These types of appraisals are typically made for IRS-related purposes.

Development & Feasibility Studies

We offer development and feasibility studies including market analysis, marketability analysis, feasibility studies, and highest and best use studies for existing properties, new construction, redevelopment, or re-positioning.

Replacement Cost / Insurance Appraisals

We have experience providing appraisals related to replacement cost and insurance purposes.  These types of appraisals are commonly used by HOA’s, lenders, or owners that need an appraisal to establish the replacement cost of a property in the event of a catastrophic event. We also provide these types of appraisals for properties located in flood zones that require an appraisal in order to make flood zone improvements.

Green Building Appraisals

We provide green building appraisal services for green or energy efficient properties. We have experience appraising LEED, Energy Star and other types of green or energy efficient properties.

Going Concern Appraisals

We have significant experience in completing appraisals for the purpose of determining the market value of the going concern. A going concern is an established and operating business with an indefinite future life. For certain types of properties  (i.e. hotels, restaurants, bowling alleys, manufacturing enterprises, athletic clubs, landfills), the physical real property assets are integral parts of an on-going business. The market value of such a property (including all the tangible, intangible, and financial assets of the going concern, as if sold in aggregate) is often referred to as business value or business enterprise value, but in reality it is the market value of the going concern including real property, personal property, financial assets, and the intangible assets of the business.